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The New You Plan Refeed and Maintenance

When you get to your goal or decide to stop a total food replacement plan it is important to do a correct refeed introducing certain food groups slowly to ensure that your body adjusts to the intake of conventional food and maintains your weight loss.

In general the slower the refeed and maintenance phase the better your chances are of maintaining your weight. This is for 2 main reasons:-

  • 1.) Glycogen levels
  • 2.) Mental connection with being on or off a diet

You want to manage the biological process of introducing foods so that you do not put on additional weight; you also want to deal with the emotional mindset of being on or off a diet.

Ideally a refeed and structured maintenance programme should last between 2-6 weeks. If you really want to do a fast refeed then a minimum of 7 days should be followed.

The New You Plan offers a free refeed report and instruction video - you can download your copy instantly by entering your details here.



The importance of a structured refeed and maintenance programme cannot be stressed enough. You have worked hard to get to your goal, and the first 6 weeks after you are at your goal are crucial in retraining your mind and reinforcing positive healthy habits to ensure you don�t slip back into your own habits.

New You offers a 6 week refeed and relearn coaching programme for those who want to have the benefits of a personal coach to motivate and encourage them along the way, along with weekly tasks and practical tips to create a healthy menu plan, stay active and change your mindset to believe that you can and will maintain your weight loss. This 6 week programme focuses intensely on nutrition from conventional food, mindset to help you create a new identity as a slim person and lifestyle to help you build in healthy habits to support your new slim body. For more information on this coaching programme please click here.

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