21 reasons why you should choose the New You Plan!

Here at new you we feel so passionately about your weight loss success and maintenance.

Our founder, Julie-Ann is available to everyone for motivation and weight loss tips, you can connect with Julie-Ann on our facebook page and support group.

1. We are passionate about what we do! We LOVE helping people get to their weight loss goal, your success and happiness means so much to us!

2. Julie-Ann is the new you coach and has been there and done it and can totally relate to your situation and the frustration of battling with your weight. Julie-Ann offers free basic support to everyone and offers advanced coaching to provide with emotional and motivational coaching as an extra service if required.

3. We have a unique approach to weight loss based on MEALS, MINDSET, MOTIVATION & MAINTENANCE. We don't just sell you diet meal packs and wish you the best, we are the complete package to your weight loss success.

4. We teamed up with celebrity life coach, Ali Campbell to create a unique diet mindset program called #projectnewyou. Through 12 modules of videos and worksheets, Ali Campbell will help you to redefine your relationship with food, so that you can look forward to a future of long term maintenance.

5. Ali Campbell has personally trained our certified our customer support team to be trained Life Coaches. We really care about helping people to create their new you and live a healthy happy life.

6. We are totally online - No more running to weekly meetings or consultations, now you can order your total food replacement packs online and get your support online too!

7. We love our brand, it is bright, colourful and friendly! Just like us! We believe that the future is bright, for us, and for you! Starting the new you plan is a journey and not a destination.

8. We have created over 40 delicious nutritionally complete diet meals, that are easy to make, with no fuss. We are always investing in new recipes and products to keep our range exciting and interesting.

9. We offer free basic support via email and phone so that all your questions will be answered by our friendly team. With a high review rating on trustpilot, our customer services is raved about by our customers, and something that we put our heart and soul into. If our customers are not happy then we are not happy!

10. We will reward your commitment to you weight lost goals, the more you buy the bigger savings you gain. Our special offer bundles ensure that you save money EVERY TIME you order from New You.

11. We offer a range of online video workshops and coaching programs to help you create your new you; from overcoming emotional eating, to learning about healthy nutrition, and a style workshop on how to dress for your new body shape.

12. Julz has created a series of daily motivation videos, if you ever are struggling to stay focused on your new you journey, a minute or two with Julz every morning will help you to start your day the right way.

13. We offer an exciting range of protein snacks, these can be used as occasional treats when you are on total food replacement, or as a snack when you are on maintenance.

14. We have a loyalty reward scheme, and everytime you order you get cash points off your next order!

15. We offer free shipping to the UK and Ireland on all orders over £80 / €103.20. We also ship to Europe and other countries. Please reach out and ask us any questions about shipping.

16. We love social media and you can find us and follow us for weight loss tips and motivation on facebook, twitter, youtube, Instagram & pinterest.

17. Julz loves to blog, and with 13 years of personal development training, she can help you to feel inspired to take the daily action required to make your dream of your new you your reality. Julz focuses on the mindset changes and lifestyle and habits required to not only get to a healthy weight, but to stay there.

18. We give you a heap of free resources when you sign up for free account. Including videos, weight loss spreadsheets, workbooks, journals and more!

19. We send our regular emails that are focused on motivating you to step into a better version of yourself. We always aim to help you start your day in a positive healthy way!

20. When you refer a friend to the new you plan, you BOTH get £10 off your next order!

21. We have over 10,000 people in our amazing, inspiring facebook group called secret slimmers, this is such a special group of people who will become like a second family to you on your weight loss journey!

So what are you waiting for?

New Customers get a 100% Money back guarantee, if for any reason you are not happy with the meals, or you do not think the new you plan is for you, just send back your packs for a refund or exchange, and we will refund you with no questions asked.

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