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The New You Meal Replacement Plan offers an exciting range of quality Total Food Replacement (TFR) meal packs that can help you to achieve your weight loss goals through a safe, natural state of ketosis. This means your body is burning fat rapidly as its primary fuel source, and you also have the benefits of reduced hunger and plenty of energy!

New You Plan Meal Replacement Diet provides a tasty range that offers you a variety of textures and flavours. As well as our Diet Meal Replacement Diet Shakes & Soups, our range also includes delicious TFR Meal bars, TFR Hot Meals & TFR Porridge. We are constantly tasting new meals to bring you the best, with new arrivals every month! All of our TFR meal replacements are suitable for ketosis and they are all nutritionally complete containing all the vitamins and minerals you need to keep you healthy.

You can choose any diet meal replacement products, however, it is recommended that both women and men take 4 per day (5 per day if over 17 stone in weight). It is also recommended to keep bars and meals to a minimum. Most people feel that 1 bar / meal per day along with shakes and soups gives maximum weight loss and still gives flexibility to sit down with your family for a meal, and enjoy a bar over a coffee with a friend.

It is advisable to consume all products within 20 minutes of mixing. The nutritional value will start to decrease once mixed and, due to the high protein content, the products will not taste their best if left for too long.

Even if you don't fancy going "the whole hog", you can always incorporate the products into your daily diet along with conventional foods. You could substitute 1, 2 or all of your meals with these products - you are in complete control.

You should always consult your doctor before starting on a total food replacement diet.

Please note: You may notice on some of our packaging that it states 2 bars = 1 meal replacement. This is in accordance with EU labelling regulations only. We therefore continue to recommend that for the best weight loss results you should follow the recommendations above.

*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee.
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