New You Plan VLCD TFR Diet Meal Bars for Ketosis and Total Food Replacement

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TFR Bars

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New You Total Food Replacement TFR Meal Bars come in a range of different flavours. If you are ordering, it is recommended to get a good mixture and try them all!  They all taste great.

The TFR Meal Bars are suitable for ketosis and total food replacement.  They are very tasty, and very handy to have if you don't want to make a shake in work, if you are going out for the day, or if you are meeting a friend for a coffee.  It is also good to keep one in your handbag, car, work desk or anywhere else that you might need one in case of an emergency some day!

Some people like to avoid bars in the first week or so. If you can do this then it might be best, but we have had hundreds of customers who have taken bars in the first week or two and enjoyed amazing weight loss results. So if you feel that having bars in the first week or two will help you, then get them!

On the whole, it is recommended to limit the bars as much as you can to a maximum of one per day. The more liquid diet products you can take the better weight loss results that could be expected.  A good menu plan will include 3 shakes/soups with 1 bar or meal.

If you have more than 1 bar a day occassionally this is fine, but if you want to get maximum weight loss results, then most people find this is achieved when the bars are limited to 1 per day.

Please note: You may notice on some of our packaging that it states 2 bars = 1 meal replacement. This is in accordance with EU labelling regulations only. We therefore continue to recommend that for the best weight loss results you should follow the recommendations above.