Plus One Program for Refeed and Maintenance after TFR
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Our customers love us
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Refeed Packages

Maintain your success with the New You Plan Re-Feed Packages!

Continue your journey with our selection of Re-Feed Packages, as your safely introduce food back into your life.

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The New You Plan is delighted to announce the launch of our new


for Refeed & Maintenance After Total Food Replacement VLCD Dieting

These special bundle packages contain new you diet meal replacements AND a diet plate for portion control along with a book that gives you the complete weight loss and management system.  The NEW YOU PLAN PLUS ONE PROGRAM is the perfect solution for those who want to give refeed their total committment to ensure they maintain their new slim figure.

NEW YOU PLUS ONE PROGRAM is suitable for;


After losing weight with new you plan total food replacement products, it can feel like a daunting change to start eating "normal" foods again, the new you PLUS ONE program removes any fear you have and gives you simplicity and structure so that you can enter the refeed and maintenance stage with confidence.  The slower the refeed the better your chances of long term success.  The diet plate gives you a simple guide, to relearn portion controls and healthy food groups.  You can start off having 3 diet meal replacements per day with one diet plate, and gradually use the diet plate more and more over the coming weeks until all meals are taken with the diet plate.


Total food replacement is not suitable for everyone, some people prefer to have "real" food and others are simply not suitable for a total food replacement plan.  You can use the PLUS ONE program as a weight loss solution, replacing two meals per day with the new you diet meal replacements, and using the diet plate as your main meal in the evening.  This will give you ease and structure and the opportunity to relearn portion control and healthy eating.


We have created packages for men and women and come in 2 levels; 2 weeks and 4 weeks.  The bigger the package you buy the bigger the discount. It is crucial to remember that the new you is a journey and not a destination, so many people make the mistake of getting to their goal with total food replacement and then falling back into old eating habits.  The PLUS ONE PROGRAM gives you the opportunity to take control and take responsibility to take your refeed and maintenance seriously, with a determined attitude to relearn portion control, healthy eating and discipline to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle.

*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee.
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Diet Plate Male | Refeed and Healthy Eating Guide

Diet Plate Male | Refeed and Healthy Eating Guide

Our Price: £ 19.99

RRP: £ 22.99

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