Ketosis Friendly Snacks & Low Carb Meal Replacements
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Our customers love us
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Ketosis Friendly Snacks

The perfect solution to a snack attack, which will keep you right on track!

Suitable for ketosis. To be taken as an addition to your 4 products a day when required.



What our customers are saying

Ketosis Friendly Snacks from The New You Plan.

The New You Plan is delighted to introduce you to our High Protein Range of products.  The High Protein range is suitable for ketosis, however, the products are not nutritionally complete and don't contain all of the vitamins and minerals you require. This means that whilst they are fine to help get and keep you in ketosis, they are not classified as a full meal replacement.  

You can use these products as part of a total food replacement diet plan as well as refeed and maintenance. Many customers use these products to add more variety and choice into their menu, and to allow for some flexibility with treats etc.

Many of our successful New You dieters would take the New You Snacks or Nuts as a treat for the weekend  or whilst watching a movie for instance. The High Protein Cream Wafers are also perfect if you are meeting a friend for a coffee.

*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee.

8 Cheese High Protein Crackers

8 Cheese High Protein Crackers

Our Price: £ 8.99



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