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Weight Loss Shakes

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 HO HO HO Christmas Special
Our Price: £ 99.99 RRP: £ 185.31
 Mint Chocolate Shake
Our Price: £ 1.85
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The New You Plan Diet Shakes for Total Food Replacement are nutritionally complete and suitable for ketosis to create safe rapid weight loss in your body, without the feelings of hunger, and increasing your energy.

You can replace 1, 2 or all of your meals with the New You Total Food Replacement weight loss shakes.  The more meals you replace, the more weight you will lose, especially if you follow a total food replacement plan and do not take other conventional foods. 

You can take the New You TFR Weight loss shakes with any other items from New You Plan Diet Meal Replacements, including Soups, Porridge, Meal Bars & Hot Meals, as well as snacks and meals from the New You Plan High Protein Range.


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