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 4 Week Total Food Replacement Bundle

4 Week Total Food Replacement Bundle

Our Price: £ 145.99

RRP: £ 239.00

Pick Your Meals

 8 Week Total Food Replacement Bundle

8 Week Total Food Replacement Bundle

Our Price: £ 279.99

RRP: £ 478.00

Pick Your Meals

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Everything you need to know about VLCD

VLCD Diet - Very Low Calorie Diet

The New You Plan is delighted to offer an exciting range of VLCD Very Low Calorie Diet, shakes, soups, meal bars, hot meals and porridges to help you achieve your weight loss goals easily without the need to attend weekly meetings.  Simply order your nutritionally complete meal replacements from our website and we will dispatch them to you the same day (most packs take 1-2 working days to arrive).  You will be able to contact us for any help and support and we have an online support group to encourage you every step of the way.

Our innovative range of VLCD products gives you great taste, choice and textures, which makes very low calorie dieting much easier and enjoyable.  With such a great variety of meal replacements you will not get bored, and you can be assured that you will be getting 100% of your recommended daily amounts of vitmains, minerals and macro nutrients.  Everything your body needs to keep you healthy while your body is burning fat rapidly via ketosis.

Following a total food replacement plan means you are taking meal replacements only, this removes a lot of confusion and stress out of dieting.  All the meals come in small packages that are made by just adding water, or even tasty bars which are great if you are on the go!  Having a meal replacement means that you do not have to think about calorie counting, point counting, weighing or anything else.  You don't need to go shopping or cook big meals.  It is very easy to follow and the results are so motivating that it become a time of exciting transformation.  By taking 4 products per day you will be following a very low calorie diet plan which will get you results and help you to finally get on the road to a slimmer healthier new you.  The products taste great too, so you will be pleasently surprised when you try them!


 Very Low Calorie Diet Products

All of these products are suitable for Very Low Calorie Dieting and Total Food Replacement.

Shakes:  Strawberry, banana, vanilla, chocolate

Soups:  Chicken, Vegetable, Mushroom

Hot Meals: Red Bean Chilli, Spicy Spag Noodle Nosh, Cottage Pie, Irish Stew, Spag Bol

Meal Bars:  Milk Chocolate Truffa, Dark Chocolate Truffa, Lemon Yoghurt, Peanut Crunch, Double Chocolate Moment, Wafers

Porridge:  Original Porridge and Apple & Cinnamon Porridge & Maple Syrup Porridge

We also have a range of snacks and nuts that are suitable to take in moderation on your VLCD diet.


Secret Slimmers VLCD Facebook Support Group

The New You Plan offers a complimentary support group to our customers.  This group is exclusive to new you customers, and it is a secret group on facebook, every week we are adding new members to this group, with over 3000 members (and growing) you will always find someone online to help and encourage you.  We have people at different stages of their VLCD Total Food Replacement diet journey.  So you will get diet tips and help and advice from people who know exactly what you are going through.

Losing weight can be an overwhelming struggle, when you are frustrated with your size and it effects your confidence, health, relationships and self esteem, then the sheer size of the problem can make us feel that losing weight and looking and feeling great is a distant dream.  The great things about starting a VLCD diet is that the results happen fast, especially in the first week, although most of the weight you lose in the first week is not pure fat, just to see the scales move is motivating enough to help you start to believe that you can achieve your healthy target weight.


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