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Love Your Body | Summary Saturday week 4 | VLCD

March 1, 2014

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Love Your Body
Summary Saturday week 4| VLCD

Ellie’s VLCD blog: Week 7 -

This week’s weight loss means that Ellie waves good bye to 22 lbs

ELLIE MAY 1 Love Your Body | Summary Saturday week 4 | VLCD

Ellie’s VLCD Journey

Ellie rocked the results and the webinar again this week so make sure you follow her blog to see what you can expect from your weight loss journey. Click [Here] to watch Ellie’s weigh-in and follow her progress.




Screen Shot 2014 02 19 at 15.04.38 Love Your Body | Summary Saturday week 4 | VLCD

Terry VLCD success story

This weeks interview was with Terry who looks absolutely amazing having slimmed down by 2 and a half stone. In this interview Terry defines what weight loss can do for a person. She is confident lady who radiates a positive that vibe that can only be described as infectious.  I loved every minute of the interview and it really does show why weight loss is important to regain control of your life as a whole. Click [Here] to listen to the interview and leave a comment for Terry.


promiseToChange Love Your Body | Summary Saturday week 4 | VLCD

VLCD Success tip

This was all about the 8th installment of the Love Commandments which was all about Promise to Change. Melissa talks about how important it is to keep your promises to yourself in the same way that you would keep promises to anyone else. It is also all about knowing what to promise yourself! Read Melissa’s blog [Here] and leave a comment.


Ellie Webinar 26 02 14 Love Your Body | Summary Saturday week 4 | VLCD

Ellie’s Exercise Webinar

This Wednesday was all about Ellie’s webinar – it was all about exercise on a VLCD. Ellie shared so much of the valuable knowledge she has gained from following her own fitness routine which she took up when she started the diet 7 weeks ago. Click [Here] to watch a replay of the webinar and make sure you sign up to next weeks webinar about the importance of water on our VLCD programme [Here]





MOJO NEW BUTTON Love Your Body | Summary Saturday week 4 | VLCD


This was an amazing day as we launched a number of things, first and foremost we launched the topic for March which is Unleash Your Mojo. This is something that was the brain child of Julie Ann as she has helped facilitate change in so many people on this diet. Getting your Mojo back is the key element to success on the diet. If you have lost your will power, find that there are always more obstacles than solutions to your weight loss progress and life as a whole is beating you back then this is for you. You can sign up to this free [Here] and get back that which has so desperately been holding you back.

On top of this we also had the 9th installment of the Love Commandments which was Enjoy the Journey. Again if you have had any trouble sticking to the diet and maybe feel the need to reevaluate the way you are thinking about your diet habits then this is an amazing article that will put you back on track and keep you motivated. Click [Here] to read the article.


Screen Shot 2014 02 27 at 12.21.15 Love Your Body | Summary Saturday week 4 | VLCD

Suzanne and Lorna The New You Plan VLCD success models

FAQ Friday this week was all about the most asked question on this or indeed any diet and that is, how much weight will I lose? Suzanne and Lorna do an amazing job of answering this question while we provide links and other info to help you understand the way weight loss works on our diet. Click [Here] to watch the video and leave the ladies a comment – or indeed me a question!

Melissa sadly also wrote her final installment of the Love Your Body Commandments – the tenth installment was Commit and Finish What You Start. This fits in really nicely with the 9th installment of the Love Commandments which was Enjoy the Journey – as seen in her Thursday blog as the two will give you all the key points that you need to succeed as identified by those who have already done so. Click [Here] to add the information in this article to your arsenal of fat fighting tools and leave a comment for the last time in this series for Melissa.

Please comment below which was your favorite day and why

Thank for reading and I hope you have a great weekend
Kind regards

share small Love Your Body | Summary Saturday week 4 | VLCD
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  1. pauline mc givern Says:

    i love ellies blog she is always so nice and happy she cheers me up everytime i watch her well done ellie x


  2. Grant
    Grant Says:

    Bless thank you for the feedback Pauline :) I know Ellie loves all the support you give and we both cant wait to see you smash your target. Have an amazing weekend!


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