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[Interview] Debbie’s 91lb transformation unveiled | VLCD

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Debbie’s 91 lb transformation unveiled
The New You Plan | VLCD

Debbie’s Achievements on The New You Plan | VLCD

Image1 [Interview] Debbies 91lb transformation unveiled | VLCD

Debbie’s VLCD Transformation

Debbie lost 6 ½ stone on The New You Plan, overall she went from 15 stone 7 lbs to the super trim 9 stone 8  lbs you see here, she achieved these results in less than 7 months! In fact Debbie lost 8 lbs of this in her first week.

Debbie dropped from a size 20 / 22 right down to the stunning size 12 seen here. These are the kind of safe and rapid weight loss results that a Total Food Replacement Diet such as The New You Plan can offer.

Debbie’s reasons for starting the diet:

Image2 [Interview] Debbies 91lb transformation unveiled | VLCD

Debbie’s VLCD Transformation

A number of failed attempts on other diets left Debbie disheartened, however there was a perfect storm brewing in Debbie’s life as her mother one day told her to try The New You Plan and not long after that Debbie had one of those life changing moments in front of the mirror that has affected so many of us. This was the all important nudge that Debbie needed to get started.

Image5 [Interview] Debbies 91lb transformation unveiled | VLCD

Debbie’s VLCD Transformation

This coupled with Debbie’s passion for horse riding meant that she had an added incentive and clearly defined goal as she need to be below 13 stone 5 to be able to get back on her pony. A clear goal with a clear reward is something that so many people underestimate. Just take a moment to think of the number of times you have missed the mark on something just because you did not know what you were actually aiming for or why you were aiming for it in the first instance. This is the time to change that!

As Debbie proves here the beauty of an achievable goal is that it sets you up for something even better. Debbie smashed the goal for getting to ride her pony and is now in competitive riding, but she has new weight loss goals that have seen even greater transformations. The type of goal that has transformed her into the lady you see here!

Debbie’s advice to anyone starting out on the diet:

Image4 [Interview] Debbies 91lb transformation unveiled | VLCD

Debbie’s VLCD Transformation

1) Keep your mind focused on the things that are going to motivate you.
2) Drink lots of water.
3) Be accountable – Debbie did this by telling her friends that she was doing the diet.
4) Track your results – Debbie used a daily calendar to keep records of her results. She found that tracking her results on the calendar was especially useful as it gave her a visual aid. This meant that on weeks where Debbie did not feel like she was achieving results the calendar would set her straight.

(I can highly recommend taking a before photo and also take measurements as you will sometimes be surprised by what the tape measure tells you even when the scales are not moving!)

Debbie’s Exercise Routine:

Image3 [Interview] Debbies 91lb transformation unveiled | VLCD

Debbie’s VLCD Transformation

One of the things that I love most about this interview is that it highlights a key point here. Debbie found at the start that she was too self conscious to go to the gym. Instead she opted to so small things in the comfort of her own home.






Debbie’s advice to anyone thinking of starting out on the diet:

Take the bull by the horns – it is not that hard, you don’t need to think about it, you don’t need to count anything. It is all completely laid out for you! Drink as much water as you can and if you fall of the horse get back on it again!


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Well done to Debbie for this truly amazing result, I consider myself privileged to be able to do such an interview and all that is left is for me to wish one final and very heartfelt thank you to Debbie!

Kind regards

share small [Interview] Debbies 91lb transformation unveiled | VLCD
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  1. Aisling Says:

    Amazing!!..well done!!


  2. Shell Maher Says:

    brilliant Debbie, congrats x x x


  3. diane jebb Says:

    amazing interview :-) well done debbie very inspirational :-)


  4. Lisa New You Says:

    Fab interview :) You look AMAZING Debbie!!!!!!!! :) So happy for you!!! Well done xxxxxxxxxxxx


  5. Grant
    Grant Says:

    You are such an amazing person Debbie – I loved doing this interview so much. It is great to see such an amazing person achieve such amazing results! :) You rock!


  6. Kim Gray Says:

    Debbie you are my hero! Well done you :):):)


  7. Alison Says:

    Well done Debbie.You are looking fantastic, and all that weight in just 7 months….you are an inspiration to us all……x


  8. Ewan Says:

    So proud of you! You are looking fierce gurl!!


  9. Clare Marie Says:

    Fab interview :) Well done Debbie!! :) x


  10. Ryan Says:

    Werk it! Affa proud of you! :D x


  11. Gillian Swinney Says:

    Well done Debbie, I would not have recognised you if I’d met you on one of our trips to Aberdeen! You look amazing! Forwarding the link for Kara to see too! Gill (Ryans Mum)


  12. Lori manson Says:

    Such an amazing achievement, a lot of hard work and will power required but you’ve seen it through and wer’re so proud of you! Xx


  13. Anne McIntosh Says:

    Can’t believe the difference in you Debbie – absolutely amazing :)


  14. Gina Lawlor Says:

    Loved this. You did amazing. Well done great inspiration.!!


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    Love this!!!!! Well done Debbie


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