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Ketosis Diet

Ketosis Diet

5 Reasons Why Ketosis Is Your Secret Weapon

1) Ketosis is a safe way for you to lose weight fast

2) Turn your body into a fat burning machine. Thanks to ketosis your body will burn that nasty fat fast 24/7

3) Never feel hungry. Many of our customer almost forget to take their fourth product of the day

4) You'll be buzzing with energy

5) Look and feel healthy

Ketosis Diet
 4 Week Total Food Replacement Bundle

4 Week Total Food Replacement Bundle

Our Price: £ 145.99

RRP: £ 239.00

Pick Your Meals

 8 Week Total Food Replacement Bundle

8 Week Total Food Replacement Bundle

Our Price: £ 279.99

RRP: £ 478.00

Pick Your Meals

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Everything you need to know about Ketosis Diet

The Easiest Ketosis Diet

When you follow a ketosis diet it makes weight loss much easier as you will not feel hungry and your body will be burning fat more rapidly.   When your body is in ketosis, that means it has switched its primary fuel source to your body's fat. As your body is tapped into your fat as its energy supply, this is why you get the benefits of not feeling hungry and having lots of energy.

Being on a ketosis diet is based on high protein, but your body still needs the right combination of nutrients to stay healthy. The New You Plan offers a range of nutritionally complete meal replacements that are suitable for ketosis but contain the right balance of nutrients to ensure your body stays super healthy as your body is burning fat rapidly.

The New You Plan recommends following a total food replacement ketosis diet plan. This will give you a total break from food to help you clear your palette and break any addictions to food. It will also give you time away from food to reevaluate your relationship with food. Following a VLCD (very low calorie diet) will also maximise your weight loss results, keeping you feeling motivated to get to your target healthy body weight.

Get started today & receive some amazing free gifts including:

- 7 Day Kick Start Online Video Coaching Program - let us take you through the first 7 days of your weight loss journey! You will get a daily video, worksheets, tip sheet and more to complete.

- New You Plan Booklet - This full colour booklet will give you all the information you need to follow a VLCD. You will also be able to record your weigh-ins and get tips for refeed and healthy living.

- Exclusive membership to our Secret Slimmers group on Facebook - This group is just AMAZING! You will love the support and inspiration that you get from this group. There will always be someone online to offer you tips and encouragement.

- BMI Wall Chart - Staying focused on getting closer to your healthy BMI is important. Being overweight causes so many health problems. Focus on getting closer to your healthy BMI so that you will not only look better but your body will be a healthier place to live!


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